The Killer Habit

Laziness and procrastination are killer habits. They ensure you do not progress in your goals and dreams. They destroy our dreams, our hopes and plans. They make us heavy. Each time we don’t progress in our goals and dreams, we start to carry a burden with us. The burden gets heavier and heavier. Laziness andContinue reading “The Killer Habit”

Weekend Motivation – Reset Your MindSET and Make Your Own Luck

Hi Friends, I love weekends – who doesn’t! I love getting motivated and driven for the weekend. So I am sharing my motivation for this weekend. Evan Carmichael – From Youtube, creates fantastic videos that help inspire me into action. I have selected this one about “Resetting Your MindSet Tips from – Mel Robbins. ApologiesContinue reading “Weekend Motivation – Reset Your MindSET and Make Your Own Luck”

Three Easy Productivity Tips

We all struggle with achieving small or large tasks or goals for many reasons. The main culprits generally are, Whatever the reason (s) are that stop us from being productive, the simple answer is to  ‘Just Do It’  as Nike says.  By just biting the bullet and getting on with the task we create motivation.Continue reading “Three Easy Productivity Tips”

Throw Back Saturday – Are You Paralyzed by Fear or Procrastination?

Hi Friends, We all get paralzed by fear or procrastination, or both at some point in our life.  Both emotions and feelings don’t help us move forward in life.They actually trap us. I hope you enjoy reading this old post of mine, be sure to click the link via Fear – Procrastination- Paralyzed