Self Respect

Be seated on your seat of self respect. be stable. be sure. when we are upset we have lost our seat of self respect. So don’t get upset, reset yourself, on your seat of self respect. remind yourself. I am good. I am strong. I am capable. I am valuable. I am great. I amContinue reading “Self Respect”

Positive Thinking For Yourself

Sometimes our inner negativity makes us blind. We fail to see good in our life and in others. This drains us and makes us weak. We make incorrect choices and feel low. That is why we must always always have positive thoughts for ourself. This allows us to grow. It becomes a protective shield againstContinue reading “Positive Thinking For Yourself”

Quote on Freedom by Pythagoras

Take a note book and pen and ask yourself these questions. Are you a master of yourself? What does it mean to have freedom? Do you respond calmly or fly off the handle? Are you living in charge, in quiet command of your life? Journaling old with pen and paper is a beautifully way toContinue reading “Quote on Freedom by Pythagoras”

The Power of Introversion

It is generally thought that being extroverted means that you will get further in life and be more successful Whilst, being an introvert, you are seen as weak, lacking in confidence and just a bit blah. This is general thinking. But, we all know that this is not the case and that we are allContinue reading “The Power of Introversion”

Every Evening for a Couple of Minutes… Contemplate Your Day..

Every evening for a couple of minutes, contemplate your day. What didn’t go so well and why? How could it have been different? What went well? Write 5 things that you are grateful for today Write some affirmations. End the session with an acknowledgement that you did your best. That you are improving day byContinue reading “Every Evening for a Couple of Minutes… Contemplate Your Day..”

Self Mastery

Self Mastery:-  the art of being a master of myself. The art of knowing myself. The art of understanding why I become unhappy, moody, tearful The art of making myself happy, content, peaceful, wise, joyful and  my own advisor. “In order to become a master of the self, make the advisor of your mind co-operateContinue reading “Self Mastery”