I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace

I refuse to be disturbed or unhappy because of the bad intentions or bad vibes of others. Their opinion is theirs and they are entitled to it. It is not the way I see things or see myself. I promise to myself to keep my peace. I let go immediately of any pain. I haveContinue reading “I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace”

Self Respect

Be seated on your seat of self respect. be stable. be sure. when we are upset we have lost our seat of self respect. So don’t get upset, reset yourself, on your seat of self respect. remind yourself. I am good. I am strong. I am capable. I am valuable. I am great. I amContinue reading “Self Respect”

Dealing with Difficult Situations with a Mindset Change

Change the way you look at difficulties in life. Every ‘disaster’ in your life is NOT so much a disaster, as a ‘Situation’ waiting for YOU to ‘change’ it. You Say: “But does this apply to MY illness, MY Bills and My drunken husband?” You bet it does. – Andrew Matthews Andrew Matthews If IContinue reading “Dealing with Difficult Situations with a Mindset Change”

Positive Thinking For Yourself

Sometimes our inner negativity makes us blind. We fail to see good in our life and in others. This drains us and makes us weak. We make incorrect choices and feel low. That is why we must always always have positive thoughts for ourself. This allows us to grow. It becomes a protective shield againstContinue reading “Positive Thinking For Yourself”