Happy Mother’s Day 2023

To our Mothers, Grandmothers, Our Women Carers.To those who play both roles, a Mother and Father, or a Father and Mother. You are boldYou are braveYou can multitask like no otherYou tolerateYou adjustYou flex, they bendYou sacrificeYou do so much.Forever giving,hardly takingalways thereDependable to no end.A hug that melts away any pain,that dries up anyContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day 2023”

Internation Women’s Day 2023

If you want to find out more about IWD 2023 click here International Womens Day 2023 – A Poem Yet In 2023  there is still a divide an inequality we are NOT allowed to go to school or have a career to aspire to be something to dream to walk freely to be fly andContinue reading “Internation Women’s Day 2023”

Happiness – A Poem, A Thought, A Dance Of Life.

Happiness is to… Accept life, the good and the bad. To glide across the pond like a swan, with grace and elegance. Content, simple and whole. Water off a duck’s back. Navigating the hurdles of life, undamaged, remaining sweet, whole, easy and light. Humble Accepting Politely Positive Inspired Newness Enthusiastic Sweetly Simple Happiness is aContinue reading “Happiness – A Poem, A Thought, A Dance Of Life.”

Three Easy Productivity Tips

We all struggle with achieving small or large tasks or goals for many reasons. The main culprits generally are, Whatever the reason (s) are that stop us from being productive, the simple answer is to  ‘Just Do It’  as Nike says.  By just biting the bullet and getting on with the task we create motivation.Continue reading “Three Easy Productivity Tips”