Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck

Dear Friends, A lot of people are users of twitter already. Some of you may be scheduling your tweets already, and some of you may not be. I would like to introduce to you tweetdeck a free tool that allows you both to tweet and schedule tweets. It is very easy to use. Product :    TWEETDECK   Continue reading “Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck”

Mental Health and our Habits

Mental health is globally a hot topic. There are many aspects to mental health, from stress, to pressure, to skill deficit, to peer pressure and a lot more than I can imagine. I am not a doctor and I know there are many forms of mental health issues and this blog post does not attemptContinue reading “Mental Health and our Habits”

Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!

So in yesterday blog post was a simple thank you to all your wonderful souls out there, simply sharing my journey and the chaos of that journey. Or one could say the  Randomness of the journey,  oh lets try this, oh lets try that, oh but I don’t want to spend money.  It is aContinue reading “Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!”