Neither Ego has a place in my life. (Poem)

To your Ego you are blind But I see it clear and bright Too many times I have seen it Too many times, I have healed myself from it. Too many times, I have allowed myself to be triggered by it. Countless times I have avoided it. Many times I have faced it. I haveContinue reading “Neither Ego has a place in my life. (Poem)”

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday -Flower

This is my ¬†first ever contribution to this tag socs the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-sept-22-18/ …… Flower Power Grace and beauty Elegant and courageous Together and alone Tall and small Bright and bold Delicate and fairy like Flower Power in the garden of earth. Flower power, which one are you in the garden of the human flowers? Let GraceContinue reading “Stream Of Consciousness Saturday -Flower”