Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest

Becoming you. Becoming me. Becoming the person you are today. Planting the seeds today to become what you will be tomorrow. From the day we are born, to going to school, to going to work, to….where we are now, we are always becoming.. To happy times, to sad times,  we are becoming. To the hardContinue reading “Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest”

Life Lessons – Repeat Until We Learn

Life is one big lesson or a series of lesson. Life is an opportunity to be a better person each and every day. Lessons  will come into our life. Lessons will come into our life – repeatedly until we learn the lesson. There was a film called Groundhog Day with Bill Murry (to this dayContinue reading “Life Lessons – Repeat Until We Learn”

What is Failure anyway?

What is failure anyway? Who set up that concept of failure? I think it all started at school with grades. Pass or Failed. Which then gets locked into our mindset! Anything we do wrong is a fail. Then our self confidence goes again! and again! and again! We then struggle to move forward, as weContinue reading “What is Failure anyway?”

A rainbow of many colours

Upon this earth we stand, we play, we act, we interact with our fellow human beings, with  nature and the with animal kingdom.  Such diversity exists on our beautiful planet, do we ever stop on a normal day to appreciate its beauty?  Or do we only appreciate the beauty of variety whilst on safari inContinue reading “A rainbow of many colours”

Life is One Big Habit!

Life is one big habit. What we repeat become autopilot or a habit. We react often it becomes a habit. We get angry often it becomes a habit. We overthinking- habit We get upset easily – habit We are always down, and life is just horrible – habit of thinking and feeling. We get irritatedContinue reading “Life is One Big Habit!”

Achieve Your Personal Goals with A Kanban Board

What is Kanban Board? Kanban is a simple project management tool from Japan. It is a very visual way of moving projects forward. Learn more about the Kanban from the wiki page here. A kanban board can be used for any project, be it a work /career project or a personal project. Below is aContinue reading “Achieve Your Personal Goals with A Kanban Board”