Kindness – A True Heart – A Meditation

Kindness Kindness is being benevolent to myself and others. Kindness is wisdom. Kindness is loving. Kindness is magnanimous. Kindness is altruistic. I express kindness when I am WHOLE. When my glass runs over with sheer goodness. I express kindness when I am full of goodness.   When I connect with the Divine and imbibe his goodness,Continue reading “Kindness – A True Heart – A Meditation”

Sunday Contemplation – What is Your Sub Conscious Mind Telling You?

Sunday is generally a calm and peaceful day. It is a good day to sit silently and contemplate life. Where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you represent from an ethical and moral view point. Also, it is a good time to look at life and challenge yourself to getContinue reading “Sunday Contemplation – What is Your Sub Conscious Mind Telling You?”

Sunday Thoughts and Reflection

Sunday Thoughts Even if the day is gloomy Sunday brings with it a sense of peace, calmness, wholeness, a safety and newness.   We are relaxed.   We should take advantage of this relaxed state, to carry out practises that make us more resilient, calm, and inspire us.   For Example, Journaling, affirmation, gratitude, meditation, exercise and preparingContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts and Reflection”

Effective Decision Making

  Dear Friends,   I totally love this video and I agree with all that is said in this video. When our thoughts and life our jumbled up, it is hard to think clearly.  When we can’t think clearly then all our decision will lead us to unhappiness. I have implemented all these points inContinue reading “Effective Decision Making”