We Are Not That Emotionally or Mentally Weak.

It is said the mood in which you start your day will be how your day will play out. For example, you are in bad mood whole day will be bad. Or you start the day late and rushed. Or you start in a good mood. Granted if we wake up late then most definitelyContinue reading “We Are Not That Emotionally or Mentally Weak.”

Sunday Reflection & Thought- on fatigue – Dale Carnegie

We are tired by our fear, worry, frustration, irration. We are tired by our everything. We are tired by doing nothing. We are tired by our laziness We are tired by procrastination We are tired by being overwhelmed The answer to this fatigue is to simply do the work we need to do, that weContinue reading “Sunday Reflection & Thought- on fatigue – Dale Carnegie”

Sunday Thoughts and Reflection

Sunday Thoughts Even if the day is gloomy Sunday brings with it a sense of peace, calmness, wholeness, a safety and newness.   We are relaxed.   We should take advantage of this relaxed state, to carry out practises that make us more resilient, calm, and inspire us.   For Example, Journaling, affirmation, gratitude, meditation, exercise and preparingContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts and Reflection”