Thought for Today – Courage and Fear

Our entire life has required us to be courageous and face our fears. Time and time again we have risen, fallen, and risen again. Keep that in mind when you feel so low that you just want to stay in bed. Remember and count all the success in your life no matter how small. ThoughContinue reading “Thought for Today – Courage and Fear”

Thought For Today – What Do You Represent.

I found this beautiful quote on instagram. It says it all in my humble opinion. What is your trademark? How do you leave people feeling? Do you have any idea? Do people look forward to you or do they feel something else? For example, I am extremely truthful, honest and can be diplomatic. I amContinue reading “Thought For Today – What Do You Represent.”

Thought For Today – Promise

Are promises made to be broken?  I personally think not because then why bother making a promise? I am not talking about promises to person, I am talking about promises to yourself to become a better person. Someone once said don’t make such rules in your life that as time rolls by that you can’tContinue reading “Thought For Today – Promise”