5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma

5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma Robin speaks and coaches business leader, but I love to listen to him for my own personal development.  I love this video because he talks about Journalling.  I think journaling really is key to happiness in life, and knowing your self.  When I know myself I canContinue reading “5 Rituals that Predict Success – Robin Sharma”

Where There is Silence

Where There is Silence There is ….. Where there is silence there is contentment Where there is silence there is peace Where there is silence there is balance Silence is a state of mind, of thought ,of word, of action. When we are silent we become strong and resilient How do we become silent andContinue reading “Where There is Silence”

Meditation Commentary – New Habit

Welcome to the weekly Meditation Commentary section of my blog. Meditation when practised daily can change the dynamics of life and your attitude towards life.  You calm down, life doesn’t feel like a crazy rush,  you will even question yourself why am I running like a crazy (there really is no need to run aroundContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – New Habit”

Blog Post – February 2018 – Miss Anything?

Blog Post – February 2018 – Miss Anything? This post is  post listing all the blog post I shared in February 2018.  My blogging/posting schedule centres around 3 days as per below.  Sometimes, I post more than 3 times, but on the whole I follow this pattern. In the month of February  2018 I decidedContinue reading “Blog Post – February 2018 – Miss Anything?”

Quotes 2018 – 6

Dear Friends, Please find below this weeks quotes selection for you to enjoy and ponder. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity – Khalil Gibran Remember happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. –  Dale Carnegie Life is a succession of lessonsContinue reading “Quotes 2018 – 6”