Thoughts and Feelings – Thursday Motivaton

Thoughts and Feelings – Thursday Motivation The thoughts and feeling we generate impact our life greatly.  If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them and catch our negative cycles of thinking, we can then change our life and our impact on the world.  A thought is the seed of an action/deed, if weContinue reading “Thoughts and Feelings – Thursday Motivaton”

5 Tips – On Being Positive

I read a post that said being positive is not easy.  It is true it is not easy.  To be positive daily is hard,  but it is possible. But, then it depends on your disposition, it depends on what life is throwing your way. Though I agree, I also disagree, I think being positive andContinue reading “5 Tips – On Being Positive”

Meditation Commentary -Create the Landscape of Your Life – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 5

As part of the two week Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge, please find the next meditation commentary you can practise daily, or twice a day. If we meditate daily, we influence our thoughts and we create wonders in our internal world.  When we are peaceful, we create a piece of beautiful art work, that artContinue reading “Meditation Commentary -Create the Landscape of Your Life – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 5”

Inner Stability.

Challenging situations will come, it’s their job to come.  My job is to create such inner stability that I can easily pass through all situations.  -Dadi Janki Meditation and mindset will help in keeping stable.  Having the courage to face helps.  Knowing and accepting situations will come and believing in yourself, will help and ofContinue reading “Inner Stability.”

Blessings Everywhere

In every aspect of life there are blessings. Change your attitude towards a situation and you will see the blessing in everything, including the horrible stuff. When you look for blessings, even at difficult times, you stop your mind from overthinking a problem and making it worse. When you see problems in a different light,Continue reading “Blessings Everywhere”

How does a Fire Person Put Out A Fire

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