Thoughts on Fear

Fear and doubt stop us from flying Stop us from living Limit our experience of life Lead us to make wrong choices Create tension, worry and anxiety. Then when we do what we fear, in whatever capacity, be it a small baby steps or big-ish step, we look back and think, why was I soContinue reading “Thoughts on Fear”

Thought for the Today – Trust, Believe it will be Alright.

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know everything happens for a reason . – Albert Schweitzer. The winds of life, the storms of life, the river of life. Whatever you call it life is always changing, whether we like it or not. Trust inContinue reading “Thought for the Today – Trust, Believe it will be Alright.”

Thought For Today

To FLY the bird must let go of the branch. The birds knows I  have to Fly. It knows its wings will work. It trusts itself. How times has a baby fell, as it learnt to walk.  But, still the baby keeps on trying. To fly you must let go, trust, and keep on trying.Continue reading “Thought For Today”

The 10 Laws of Trust – Joel Peterson

I was thinking of a post that wrote on Thursday I awake with a broken heart. and the comments I got on.   I was thinking of another post I wrote on forgiveness  (Forgiveness -Why Forgive?) and why it is so important. I was also thinking that when we get hurt deeply, it is so importantContinue reading “The 10 Laws of Trust – Joel Peterson”