Thought for Today – What are you Thinking? Is it Helpful?

It’s not what you call me that makes me, me. It is what I think that MAKES me, ME. Just a little thought for today. Don’t get side tracked by what others may think of you, or what you perceive others maybe thinking of you. We are not defined by that. We often put tooContinue reading “Thought for Today – What are you Thinking? Is it Helpful?”

Meditation Commentary – Self Love

Take time to care yourself and your preciousness. Daily meditation creates a sacred place for you to grow, to find yourself, to find inner peace to heal and reveal the beauty in You the Soul, the Spirit. Fill the light of You the Soul Daily and life will become so much easier and you willContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Self Love”

Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Some of may feel that this person has it better than us ? Or we may feel it would be better to change our country of residence and live in another country? Or we may feel their quality of life is better? Do you feel this way? Did you feel this way? What stopped youContinue reading “Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?”