Do Not Deceive Yourself

Do not let your ego be so strong, that you feel you know it all. Infact, we can never know it all, there is far too much knowledge in the world to know it all. All we can know is that we must continue to grow everyday for as long as we live. Always, beContinue reading “Do Not Deceive Yourself”

Silence ,Contentment, Peace, Balance

Where there is silence there is contentment Where there is silence there is peace Where there is silence there is balance Silence is a state of mind, of thought ,of word, of action. When we are silent we become strong and resilient How do we become silent and build our stock of silence ? WhenContinue reading “Silence ,Contentment, Peace, Balance”

Daily Intention – Peace

Peace – an inner sense of calmness.    A moment of silence, a quiet contemplation, a silent gratitude, a sweet pause and my world becomes calm, understandable and achievable.  The worries no longer are in the forefront, they melt away and clarity returns.  My decision making capacity become clear, calm and collective. Peace an inner senseContinue reading “Daily Intention – Peace”