Thought For Today. RE-

Every day is a new day, a new start.. Every second is a new. Always start again. Always pick yourself up again and again. Things may feel tough now, but it will pass. Whatever life is, we always have the opportunity to Re-Start! Re-focus, re-ser, re- emerge, re-new, etc. But never re-wind just learn andContinue reading “Thought For Today. RE-“

6 things people don’t understand – By Oprah via Evan Carmichael

I share another video by Evan Carmichael. I do love his YouTube video. I have done a little summary of some of the points in the video. Earn Success – Success doesn’t happens instantly. You got to work at. It is a process and it takes hours of work. Every day make choices- is thisContinue reading “6 things people don’t understand – By Oprah via Evan Carmichael”

Wednesday pick me up with quotes.

We are in difficult times in so many ways. It can be difficult, challenging and exhausting to keep fighting a emotional fight, or relationships. As we get tired and drained we tend to lose hope. I hope these quotes will create some enthusiasm in us to pick ourself up and face whatever. Or to getContinue reading “Wednesday pick me up with quotes.”