Make Decisions Calmly. Give them the Time they Need

Other than life threatening decision, all other decision do not need to be made in this second, or today, or even the next few days. We can take our time. We can take advise too. But, be mindful with advice. With advice you must remember a few thing…… Here is a little poem, on takingContinue reading “Make Decisions Calmly. Give them the Time they Need”

Do Not Deceive Yourself

Do not let your ego be so strong, that you feel you know it all. Infact, we can never know it all, there is far too much knowledge in the world to know it all. All we can know is that we must continue to grow everyday for as long as we live. Always, beContinue reading “Do Not Deceive Yourself”

Self Mastery – 20th June – Healing the Body

Self Mastery The art of nurturing the body through meditation To Days Exercise at Self Mastery   Starting  Meditation From Release your wings channel on Youtube – all the meditation shared here are from students of  Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation. Affirmation Take a pen and paper and writeContinue reading “Self Mastery – 20th June – Healing the Body”

Self Mastery – 19th June- The Healer

Self Mastery We have all been hurt.  Self Mastery is knowing how to fix that hurt and becoming free from it.  Hurt and pain leave us trapped and can make us ill.  We need to let go of it, to be able to move on. To Days Exercise at Self Mastery Starting  Meditation The HealerContinue reading “Self Mastery – 19th June- The Healer”