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Project: Ebook Cover and Book Formatting (Nov 2021)

Kate’s Testimonial – March 2022

It was a real joy to engage Bella in order to bring my poetry and photos together in an ebook.  Bella started with the cover design, awesome display work!  Then we collaborated on the preferred format, it became a PDF. 

She did a massive amount of research and made very useful suggestions about a forward, preface, author page plus copyright notice. Then she gave me samples of the general layout; all made so easy and pleasurable with her gentle professionalism, awesome talent and ready adaptability.  She then completed the entire format and kindly adapted the few suggestions I made.

Her input that most would be reading an ebook by phone was news to me, so she ensured we used a larger font.

I found her to be very flexible, keen to teach and stretch my IT knowledge in the process as she shared her knowledge, guided and supported me.  She was willing and able to train me to the level of being able to produce my own ebooks, but that was not my interest.

She tirelessly picked up the slack whenever I was busy or overwhelmed. Communication was entirely by email from very different time zones … due to my lack of tech-savvy.  She was kindness and patience personified, then finished the project well before our agreed deadline. Her fee was reasonable and I’m most impressed by the end product, thank you Bella.

Bella will give you a professional caring service with her flexibility, understanding and talent.

Do Visit Kate at See what she says about her book.

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