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Privacy Policy and GDPR


I use as my blog provider.   This means, that certain personal identifiable information is collected and stored during your visit, and held by   I use as my tool for blogging, your data is stored on servers owned by is owned by a company called Automattic. I pay a small monthly fee to wordpress for hosting my blog and associated data.

Automattic  have a:-

Your data privacy is very important to you and to me.  I do not share you’re data with anyone, it is held by   If you are subscribed you name and email data and anything else shared is held at, and used to send you the latest blog post.  Additionally, any comment you make on blog post, are held against the blog post for a fixed length of time and is used to email me you have made a comment or have like a post.

Data Collected and Usage

Certain data will be automatically collected and stored.  For example, when you comment, or like, subscribe, reblog or share post.

Data collected and stored when you make a Comment:  Your name, email address, and site URL (if provided to the comment form), submission date/time, and IP address.

If you decide to comment on any post or page while logged into and using a WordPress account or social media account, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ your user ID on that account as well website url (if available) and MD5 hash of your email address (if available) will also be collected. has Akismet anti spam enabled and the following is sent to Akismet for the sole purpose of spam checking: commenter’s name, email address, site URL, IP address, and user agent.

Contact forms: Collect and Store:  Your name, email address and url (if available) as well as content of the comment.

Subscribing to follow the Blog, the information that will be collected is : your wordpress ID and/or email. If you are not a wordpress user and are following my blog via email, all the information you entered to subscribe by email will be stored and collected and will be held by   The whole point of subscribing to this blog be it via wordpress or email is to get updates of the lastest blog post I share, and that is what your data is used for.  I do not use it for anything else.  Therefore, your data will not be shared/ sold to any third parties except in compliance with law authorities.  You will not be contacted  directly via email, unless you have expressly requested to be contacted  by directly emailing

PLEASE FEEL FREE to unsubscribe from this blog at anytime by using the link at the bottom of the mail, or with in manage your subscription.  You have the complete right to unsubscribe from my blog at any time.

When emailing me via direct email your data will be kept private and will be immediately deleted once that conversation is over.  I will let you know if I need to keep it longer and gain your consent.

Activity Tracking

All internet sites, require cookies to work smoothly.  My site has cookies enabled by default as part of the set.   Cookies capture small amounts of data that are stored on your computer/browser when visiting this website.

You can disable cookies and you do not have to consent to their use.  However website requires cookies to be enabled to function properly.  When commenting on this blog the comment author’s name, email address, and site URL (if provided during the comment submission) are stored in cookies

My blog uses premium service which provides general analytical information of all users activities including country location of users and which links are clicked and any search terms which may be used while looking on the website or entering the website via certain search engines. This information provides me with general details of what countries are viewing my site and the number, who is following via wordpress, or email, the number of comments and likes.  These general statistics of where blog visitors originate and which posts/pages are most clicked may be shared however they will not be identified to specific persons or accounts.


  • No money is earned via any advertisements which may be seen on this blog. Advertisements appearing on this blog are part of com is not responsible for any information collected via the clicking of ads or the use of cookies.
  • I will clearly state in my blogs if I use affiliated links, or there is link to payment.

Data Syncing

Data Syncing is enabled on this site and means that a shadow version of this blog is saved onto the servers. This includes any commenters personal information collected (as listed above). I am not responsible for this synced version of data. for more information on this and general information about using/interacting with blogs please see Automattic’s privacy policy

Your Safety & Rights to data control

You are free to know what personal data is collected and ask for its deletion if you wish.  Contact :

At the time of writing this is still working on enabling its users to delete the information collected during visits.  As soon as this is enabled I will be able to delete all information on your visit if you wish it to be deleted.

Changes to Policy

This privacy policy is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and comes and applies from 25th May 2018. For more information on this and your rights please contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Occasional changes may be made to this policy without warning.  Please check this page frequently to read any changes.  By continuing to use this site you accept any subsequent changes made to the privacy policy.

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