MailChimp Special Edition Newsletter – is out now

To those who have subscribed to my newsletter. You will have this special newsletter waiting in our email inbox. Let me know how you found it. If you are not subscribed – what are you waiting for? If you want to subscribe, click here to find out what it is all about. I will resendContinue reading “MailChimp Special Edition Newsletter – is out now”

Newsletter #6 is Out!

To those who have subscribed to my newsletter – it is waiting in your inbox to read. Today’s Content is  Finally, I start to walk through my understanding and learning of MailChimp – the free version as I promised when I started this newsletter. To those who aren’t part of my newsletter – you canContinue reading “Newsletter #6 is Out!”

How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories. [Repost]

In quarter 3 2021, Instagram finally created a facility that allows us to link a specific blog post to an Instagram Story, taking away the need for us to have 10k followers on Instagram to do this. I have created a short video on how you can do this. This video assumes you know somethingContinue reading “How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories. [Repost]”

How to Change Font Size and Appearance in

Dear Friends, I have created a quick how-to change font size and their appearance in I realise it is a bit frustrating for some of us, and it seems keeps changing it all the time. I hope this video helps you all. © 2022 Copyright

Newsletter #4 – 2022 Out and Ready to read

April 2022 Newsletter is out for those who have subscribed to it. If you have not subscribed to it and are curious about what the newsletter is all about – read here to find out more You can read the April newsletter by clicking on the image below (as a taster – it would beContinue reading “Newsletter #4 – 2022 Out and Ready to read”