Beautiful Bella – Thoughtful, Talented Woman of Wisdom.

Jacqueline @ a cooking pot and twisted tales blog,  first introduced me to blogging parties, and she recently asked me to an interview.   Here is my interview  should you want to know more about myself.    Do make sure to check out Jacqueline blog which is absolutely great, and so much variety to read.    Enjoy.


Source: Beautiful Bella – Thoughtful, Talented Woman of Wisdom.

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about

24 thoughts on “Beautiful Bella – Thoughtful, Talented Woman of Wisdom.

  1. A lovely interview. Reading your interview helped me to be not disheartened. Life is been testing you. I often loose hope in God since I doubt his justice at times. The pain, suffering I see to my loved ones and the people behind those suffering are in good times. Reading your interview again taught me to keep on fighting but still one question is always unanswered that why people with deeds have to face more than who do bad to others..

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    1. Aww so sweet. At Raja yoga meditation they always say see benefit in ecmverything and to see it as a test paper that has come to make one stronger in good character traits. And i can only change my self
      . When we operate from the true original valves of the soul . Aka love peace wisdom joy happiness and gods guidance it is possible to see beauty in tough times. Also ever play has different actors sometimes we need enough self respect to know dont take it personally or too heatt. If you take to heart you posion your goodness. Be good no matter what or at least try… meditation daily gives you so much strenght and daily positive reading gives so much strenght
      .. through meditation one connects with god and you find a strenght to face and still smile… never let go of your true beauty ..not for any situations.. the situation wont stay for ever.. is hard but learning and growing is nice… does that last bit make sense.

      So glad you like the interview i was a bit nervous about it.

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  2. That was a wonderful interview and a beautiful photograph <3. I hope you continue enjoying your blogging journey, your words have really helped me these past months I’ve been following your blog. Don’t worry about repeating yourself, no two blog posts are ever identical and sometimes it’s good to revisit a topic with fresh eyes :). Have a great day!! ❤

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