How to Schedule Your Tweets for Free on Twitter.


This is a quick and simple guide to using a free tweet scheduling tool called TweetDeck, In this post, you learn at a high level what you can do in TweetDeck and how to schedule tweets. The post provides step by step pictures and instructions on how to do this. I have also created a YouTube video to help you schedule your tweets using TweetDeck (all details below). I hope you find this post useful and the YouTube Demo useful.

As a blogger, Author, Business Owner, Influencer you want to use Twitter to socialise your work. This tool is free and you can schedule as many tweets in advance as you want to. So you will always be present on Twitter even when you don’t have time.

TweetDeck – What is it? What can you do with it?

TweetDeck is a free tool provided by Twitter to allow you to schedule your tweets for free. Originally TweetDeck was an independent product. But, at some point Twitter brought it.

TweetDeck is more than just a scheduling tool. It allows you to see your home feed, tweet immediately, see what is trending, search for certain tweets or hashtags.

TweetDeck allows you to reply, like, respond, send Direct Messages, manage and monitor multiple account in one dashboard.

All that you can do on Twitter you can do on TweetDeck and more. It is a really great dashboard and allows you to do so much more than on Twitter.

It is easy to use.

It is safe

Because TweetDeck is part of Twitter you can use your Twitter login details.

I have only used TweetDeck on my laptop and this post is based on my experience on my Windows10 Laptop.

Note: This information is valid as at Friday 26th March 2021. If you are reading this at some point in the future; some functions might have changed.

How to Schedule a tweet using TweetDeck

  1. In your Google Search type in TweetDeck and search. Then make sure you select to ensure you have selected the correct one.
Screenshot of google search

2) You will be taken to the TweetDeck dashboard which looks like this (below). The dashboard can be customised quite easily.

Screenshot of TweetDeck

3) How to schedule a tweet on Tweetdeck.

The Tweet Button will change to the “Tweet at 10.35 button“. Basically the tweet button changes to the date and time you want to schedule the tweet for (see screenshot below).

Then it will appear in the schedule list.   Once scheduled you cannot edit it.   If you want to change it, the only option you have is to delete it.

You have now scheduled your first tweet. Now you just repeat the process for all the tweets you want to schedule, changing the dates and time as required.

I have also created a YouTube Video on how to do this if you find it easier.

Please could I ask you to ‘Like’ the YouTube video, if you like it? And Perhaps ‘Subscribe’ to my YouTube Channel as well. Here is the video, which I hope makes it easy for you.

Images Created me.

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