Let The Sorrows Disappear With an Uplifting Song or 3

Inspiring Songs :  For those days when you feel it just a bit to much.

When autumn comes, and Christmas comes close, it seems  that life hits us a bit hard.  Sometime we just find it hard  to get out of it.  Suddenly, we start not managing and the whole years weight hits us.

So should you be feeling a bit down,   I would like to share a bonus blog post, to lift your spirit that might be flagging.


I normally post on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.      But, it seems, everyone around me seem rather low.   So I dedicate to you all –  it is just a passing cloud of gloom,  it won’t stay so you don’t make it  cup of tea and offer it biscuits.  It is passing by, let it pass by quickly

Dream, Plan, and Live again.   Last song – because I just love this song –  I cant get bored of it.   Make it your new skill, how to get yourself out of rut.

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  1. Wonderful song choices with inspiring sentiments and lyrics. Wishing you a happy week Bella. You’re right the mood is a bit low for some reason but this post picked me up, thanks. xo

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  2. Yes the last couple of days have been kinda low…..I guess its something to do with the general vibe of the world…..thank you so much for sharing the post 🙂
    Are you on instagram? I recently joined 😀

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