excellenceExcellence is the art of doing small things well.

If we can do the mundane well. The boring stuff well. Then our excellence at  the medium size and large scale tasks will  be automatic.    When we are unable to take pride in doing the small tasks well then we excel at everything we do.  Because, every task sooner or later becomes boring and mundane.    We naturally go through phases of feeling this is interesting or this is boring.

Therefore, Excellence is giving your best no matter what the task is.   It is an effort guided by a noble purpose.  That is,  cleaning the garden of leaves is a noble purpose, it says I like to live in a clean space both inside an out.    It says I pride myself, I am not lazy,  I am not blind to the mess in the house or outside.

Excellence is also in thought, words and actions.   I am always learning, growing and changing.  I Excel in making  I  a better person.   For example,  A seed excels in becoming a fruit tree, and it bares fruit.  In the same way I excel in becoming the best version of me in every small task.

Nature is a lovely example of excellence in just being beautiful and whole.


I excel in be approachable, giving smiles to all I meet, giving a ear to those who want to be heard.  I excel in ironing the clothes, cleaning the house, cooking etc.  I excel in saving money, not wasting water, being economical in they way I work – aka working smart.

We always think about excelling at work and at a career and of course that is important,  And that is probably much easier to do than excelling at the boring chores,  the curtsy of being a good human being to myself and to others.

Excellence is being a beautiful person – just being good , caring, kind and compassion.  Taking pride in the small things and doing them well. Enjoying the company of the young and old whole heartedly.    Walking at the pace of your parents or grand parents,  of the little one that just learnt to walk.   Excellence is being Kind and wise.


I hope you liked this different take on Excellence.

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24 thoughts on “Excellence

  1. Yes, the awareness of the need to strive for excellence is very much needed. I always say that nowadays mediocrity seems to be the new standard. We see it in so many areas: customer service, music, TV, movies, attitudes and behavior in general. No one is perfect, of course, as we are only human. But pride in what we do needs to be in the forefront. We should never be ashamed to attach our name to any job or task we accomplish.

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  2. Another Job … that is not categorised as one is the parent.
    Take my wife … for example.

    I see it in my wife, I don’t know where I would be … Or what I would do … WITHOUT HER! ( Just to fill you in … we are married since 28 years, I think I can say … a good team? Thanks for your opinion and time.

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    1. Aww congrats on 28 years and good team.. and lucky you have each other.

      You are right about parents. My dad passed away 23 years ago. He was lovely… Mum has had to manage so much since.. so you add children to this as well..

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting twice. Have a lovely week ..speak soon. Regards Bella. Aka thoughtsnlifeblog

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  3. Nice post! I also have once in the past tried to explain how/why no matter what job we do being a Street sweaper, a Cook or the manager of a huge company …. without the people at the bottom … the guys at the top … would have to do that what they do AND live in misery. It’s the food chain of live.
    Take care and keep up the great posts.

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