A fruit tree is shaken by the wind or stones are thrown at it – what does the tree do ?  It gives it fruit generously.

Tolerance is peaceful coexistence.

When I have compassion, love, wisdom , understanding and experience I can be Tolerant.

When my soul is filled with peace and silence, then I can be calm and tolerant.

When I am tolerant I am peaceful, accepting,  and open minded.


I might be at the opposite end of rude words, but they become water of duck’s back because I have been practicing the tolerance habit for so long.

Granted there are some situation where,  you are in the face of a physical storm or worse, where you have run for you life.   But, this post is not about those adverse situation, those extreme situations.  This post is about the small and medium tolerances we can practice in our life daily.

One can be tolerant with assertive humility.   One can be verbally abused,but like that tree I tolerate and I share a smile and peace to the other.  Internally, I am that still water that runs deep.

So,   like everything in life, Tolerance is a habit, a muscle that needs to develop.  You my grind your teeth initially when tolerating initially.  You may feel resentful – learn to tolerate with love if you can.  If you are resentful let that out on piece of paper and throw it away.  However, overtime , tolerance will become a graceful habit.    Meditation, connecting to the divine,  connecting to peace ,  connecting to your goodness,  and connecting to silence will all make you very tolerant.  Like all habits, practice makes perfect, and keep doing baby steps, and acknowledge each small win.

When one becomes wiser, more understanding, and more experienced in this habit, you will see the beauty of the value/virtue of tolerance.

I accept them as they are for I know I can’t change them , I can only change myself

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Beauty of Nature, a drop of water on Iris – coexisting.

Tolerance  will be come like water of a duck back, it will be so automatic you won’t realise  it.   I share what inspires me and what I have or am practicing in my life.  I share this from my heart and say it is possible,  but it will always be a work in progress and a beautiful one at that too.

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39 thoughts on “Tolerance

    1. Stella, like how you highlught lifestyle that so true. Thank you for the warm invitation.. i would love to take up the challenge.. but i am struggling to manage my new schedule of four days ! Crazy. I seriously would love to. Thanks but sorry. Love bella

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  1. There’s this intense peace that comes with Tolerance
    It’s like nobody is worthy to gain access to your anger or bitterness or any negative energy
    And nothing is more relieving and freeing

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