A fruit tree is shaken by the wind or stones are thrown at it – what does the tree do ?  It gives it fruit generously.

Tolerance is peaceful coexistence.

When I have compassion, love, wisdom , understanding and experience I can be Tolerant.

When my soul is filled with peace and silence, then I can be calm and tolerant.

When I am tolerant I am peaceful, accepting,  and open minded.


I might be at the opposite end of rude words, but they become water of duck’s back because I have been practicing the tolerance habit for so long.

Granted there are some situation where,  you are in the face of a physical storm or worse, where you have run for you life.   But, this post is not about those adverse situation, those extreme situations.  This post is about the small and medium tolerances we can practice in our life daily.

One can be tolerant with assertive humility.   One can be verbally abused,but like that tree I tolerate and I share a smile and peace to the other.  Internally, I am that still water that runs deep.

So,   like everything in life, Tolerance is a habit, a muscle that needs to develop.  You my grind your teeth initially when tolerating initially.  You may feel resentful – learn to tolerate with love if you can.  If you are resentful let that out on piece of paper and throw it away.  However, overtime , tolerance will become a graceful habit.    Meditation, connecting to the divine,  connecting to peace ,  connecting to your goodness,  and connecting to silence will all make you very tolerant.  Like all habits, practice makes perfect, and keep doing baby steps, and acknowledge each small win.

When one becomes wiser, more understanding, and more experienced in this habit, you will see the beauty of the value/virtue of tolerance.

I accept them as they are for I know I can’t change them , I can only change myself

DCF 1.0

Beauty of Nature, a drop of water on Iris – coexisting.

Tolerance  will be come like water of a duck back, it will be so automatic you won’t realise  it.   I share what inspires me and what I have or am practicing in my life.  I share this from my heart and say it is possible,  but it will always be a work in progress and a beautiful one at that too.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please comment, like, share, or subscribe to my blog.  I post on Saturdays, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is dedicated to quotes.   I would love to know your thoughts on this post.

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39 replies

  1. I used to think (many moons ago) that I could help people to change and then I saw the light.. You can support people going through the change they want to make but only we can change ourselves and not others… It took me a while but I learned in the end! Now I am much more ‘tolerant’ of others and recognise and love them for the perfections and probably more so their imperfections..

    Thanks for this lovely reminder. I love your images in this post too Bella! x

    Liked by 2 people

    • HI Wendy, Thank for reading and commenting. And thank for feedback on images.. i am trying with images .. they arent mine but free downloads. Tolerance actually means we have a blissful life as we just let it be.. life is one big learning curve and one big habit… fun at times well fun always if we want to see it that way.. hope the week is good so far. I have got the starting of a cold… explains why i have been tired for a while.. tc speak soon regards bella

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh so true – Yep the images look lovely. It’s great what you can get from the internet for free! Poor you – it’s that time of year for colds – I looked after my youngest granddaughter for a couple of hours yesterday as she is absolutely streaming with a cold too.. take care of yourself Bella – a hot toddy (hot lemon, whisky and honey) usually helps for me – I don’t like whisky but for a cold you can’t beat it! xx

        Liked by 2 people

      • I have intentions to close or at least abandon it … I get too many email and my mobile is constantly vibrating … I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I have enjoyed it … but have found myself wasting time that I can enjoy with my Grandchild … and she has a brother or sister on the way … life is too short to waste time. Time is the most precious of gifts … priceless!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh that is a shame. But i totally understand how time consuming it is that is why i have a new schedule and i try to be strict with this because , if one gets consumed then where is there time for anything else. It would be a shame for you to stop writing , perhaps you just go a bit slower …? Oh my email box is a mess too, i cant handle it. so now i just do my best and trust the rest. I cant get to everyone so i dont worry . I do my best , look how long it has taken me to visit your blog.

        I would encourage you to keep in as your blog is quite lovely and inspiring and i wouldnt worry about the rest. We are all in the same boat.. but your blog is lovely so do stay… all the best i hope stay. But i also understand. There isnt a week that doesnt go by , where i say what am i doing, where is my time going and u feel like quitting too. So that why i just go slow and post what inspires me and do my best with networking ..but i wont let it impact my life. .. it is just finding balance..

        Take care and i hope you stay

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t have not more than a handful of people who I can really call “friends” … we use that word often too loosely … often it is … “only” … people who we know well … friends are there when the outhers have abandoned you. I am telling you this because such advice “normally ” comes from a friend. Thank you! My blogger friend! 🙂


      • Oh do stay. I replied to this, but this wp app is being silly and it made it a comment in its own right. Please read that … i think it would be lovely you stay. I understand the emails and all the rest. Not a week goes by that i dont question myself and feel like quitting too. But i think all bloggers suffer this. I think it would be a shame you stop.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I heard the song ..i found the english translation -eek… so i take it as it has my name ..but i dont match the personality of that bella in the song.. lol.. i accept your sweetness to share a song that has my name in it..and it has a good beat.. thks lol..


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