Unique but One Global Family

One principle of Life is eternal individuality. Each soul, including the Supreme Soul, is unique. Uniqueness gives each being its special value, a value which is innate and imperishable. It is this difference that creates the beauty of life. Difference does not cancel feelings of harmony and closeness; in fact, difference enhances those feelings.

Alpha is only One and will always be One, in the same way as there is only one of me and one of you. The play of life on earth is made possible only because each actor is unique; each one of us has his own part, as does God. Like the fingers of a hand which are all different, but must function together so that they can be called ‘hand’, true harmony is only possible when we appreciate the differences and unite on the basis of respect. There is never the need to go beyond our unique differences to advance oneness.  On the contrary, to respect and appreciate difference becomes the true method for creating oneness. This oneness, this unity, becomes a reality through selfless love. Love that is pure allows us to feel at one with each other. As a global family we need to feel such empathy.

Quoted from :   Strano, Anthony (2014-02-21). The Alpha Point: A Glimpse of God (Kindle Locations 99-103). Eternity Ink. Kindle Edition.

We are one global family, our true nature (personality) is love, peace, purity, wisdom, unity, care, compassion, harmony, contentment, coolness and joy (to mention a few).  We are unique, we are meant to be unique.  Our uniqueness is not meant to divide us.  Why does division exist?   What went wrong in our thinking and feeling towards our self and each other?  What lead us to be against each other?  Where did greed, jealousy, angry, hate, blame, selfishness and a need to control another come from?   What did we lose that lead us to feel a lacking?  In turn that lack made us feel we need to control another, hate another, be angry, jealous etc?

We all did biology?  The skin colour is different for one simple reason? That is, melanin.  What is the purposed of melanin?  Everything else is the same!  Isn’t it?  So, why?

Where is the division, why was it created, what is the purpose of hate and greed?  Is there any value in this way of thinking and behaving?  What do we gain in hurting one another?  Do we really believe in Karma, as you sow – so shall reap?   I think we don’t because if we did then the world would not be in the state it is.   Do you believe negativity is normal?  If yes, then why aren’t we happy all the time?

Like the fingers of a hand which are all different, but must function together so that they can be called ‘hand’, true harmony is only possible when we appreciate the differences and unite on the basis of respect.

I know, wow what a post, rather out there?   Mind blowing?   Highly, disagreeable to some, highly intriguing to others I hope.

It is a great book, Anthony Strano was a great spiritual writer, meditator and teacher.  I had the fortune to hear me a few times.  Sadly, he passed away two years ago I think.   I thought I would take a risk with a thought provoking article,  so let me know what you think about this, what are your thoughts?  Do you believe negativity is part of our normal or is an acquired normal?    If it is then why do we search for happiness and peace?  Why do we feel great when we experience peace and true harmony in an interaction ?  Are we seeking something we once had and have now lost as a human race?

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