Purity , Peace, Prosperity

Purity , Peace, Prosperity

When my mind , my thoughts are clear of anger, hate, irritation, ill feelings -then my mind  and intentions are pure.

When my mind, my feelings and actions are aligned and the action is of love, kindness and compassion -then my actions and I as whole act with purity.

When there is purity in my words, thoughts, actions and feelings  and I convey that in my life I am at peace with myself.

So then Prosperity will follow.  Prosperity is that currency called peace and harmony.

To conclude, then there is Purity, Peace will follow. When there is Peace , Prosperity will follow.

Prosperity of spirit, of character, of actions, of good karma.   Good Karma is a very good bank account to have, for that will serve you birth after birth.

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My main inspiration in  life is the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University 

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