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Dear Friends,      Most of you know I am into my affirmation, gratitudes, Meditation,  and Journaling.   I know all these techniques work for me.   However, I have never tried a vision board and it was recommended to me initially by Brigid at Watching The Daisies blog, and   Wendy at Brilliance Within blog.  So here goes my vision board for 2017!

I have been out and brought magazines and tried to the vision board. But just could not find the right clippings and at the back of my mind is:  1) will I look at this  2) it is clutter creating and I am trying to declutter 3) I know affirmation work – how do I do this to meet one and two.

So I reread and re-inspired myself with these four posts below.  Two from Brigid and two from Wendy and finished off what I started this Monday 11th Jan 2017.    Wendy, also included a video by Jack Cranfield – which I also include here (Wendy, I hope you don’t mind).  This video really say’s it all.     Both Brigid and Wendy’s post have really inspired me and I hope they inspire you.

Watching the Daisies

A Wish for 2017

New Beginnings

Brilliance Within

Does the Law of Attraction Work

When is the Perfect Time


Well, my vision board is a powerpoint with Pinterest images right now.  I plan to print it off and put it somewhere.  I may cut some magazines up and stick a few images too.  It is work in progress -but I am glad to have just done it for now – see below.   

I believe a vision board is a tool to motivate us to get goals done. I believe in the law of attraction and I believe the vision board is out there. The vision board forces you to dream, plan, brainstorm and think about life.  But, it doesn’t work by magic, you have TO DO THE WORK,  you can’t sit there and wait for stuff to fall into place – you have to make it happen.  But, a vision board gives you a bit of a direction and a whole heap of motivation.

It is a bit small, deliberately because it is a bit private.  Please do not copy paste or share.

Have you tried a vision board before?    Please comments below.

(c) 2017

Image Source: used for pictures and the words are my own.  My vision board uses a powerpoint template.






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19 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. Oh that’s so lovely Bella and I’m delighted you’ve created your vision board – I think they always remain ‘work in progress’ because as we develop, grow and change, we see more things that were in our ‘blind spot’ previously…. I’m thrilled that you found some inspiration in my posts and in those of Brigid at Watching The Daisies – she is amazing isn’t she!!

    I’m really glad that you’ve linked to the Jack Canfield video as I’m passionate that the word needs to be out there about the positive benefits creating a vision board can bring… it brings clarity and shines light on the corners of our minds… Thankyou for sharing xx

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