I the Soul am A Point of Immortal Light

So let’s get spiritual.     Another old post from 2016 , would love to know your thoughts of  this post and what is shatrd.


Source: I the Soul am A Point of Immortal Light

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    1. Great Brigid, can you tell there is quite a bit of reposting going on… i am so stuck at the moment what to write about. Anyway, my old post are good and worth a reshare. I hope you listened to the songs again. So I have started a meditation challenge for about 4 or more as of yesterday (Tuesday). I will share meditation commentaries weekly to be practised daily . I think I might run it on my blog for may be a little over four weeks. So you are welcome to join in. check out my post from yesterday – about recharging our phones and our souls…

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        1. B12 injection … mum had it and doctors gave her b12 injection and it cleared it. Now getting a b12 injections is bit of a fight these days. So any form of B12 generally does the trick.

          Do take care. hugs Bella

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