Are you full or Empty?

With a feeling of wholeness we are complete, kind , caring, giving, loving, compassionate and altruistic .  With a feeling of emptiness we are either, fearful, jealous, revengful, selfish , or cruel.

Material things can not make us complete, whole or full.  The question is, do you know yourself enough to know what it is you lack? Are you content in your life? Why aren’t you content?  What is wholeness?  What is it you lack?  What are you not filling  your life with to be whole?  What is the gap?

Often the biggest sign of lack in life is the need to buy stuff, to prove yourself better than another, to be mean, to be cruel, to be spiteful, to be depressed, or to be lazy etc?

Not knowing who we are and not analysis ourself and not asking why to ourself leaves us stuck and unable to change.  We should always be working on ourself  , our character, our behaviour and always becoming a good person, that is true wealth and success.

Sometimes we have experience such pain, that creates such negativity.   If we do not take the time to understand the why? That is, why  I am I so negativity, cruel, or unhappy ( or whatever it is), we spiral out of control.  Sometimes we won’t figure it all out and that is fine.   But, we need to do some things daily to heal that which causes us to be negative?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Journal your pain away.
  2. Journal to ask yourself why?
  3. Journal to vent.
  4. Write 5 to 10 things you are grateful for.
  5. Write and speak affirmations.
  6. Stop being lazy in all aspects of life.
  7. Eat well.
  8. SLEEP early and rise early.
  11. READ and Listen to positive things and bring them into your life
  13. START ACCEPTING YOURSELF AS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PAIN.  The way we think causes pain, the way we live causes pain.
  14. Look inside and heal inside.  Affirmations and gratitude work.
  15. Be an introvert not an extrovert.  That is, look inside yourself the Soul, fill yourself with the goodness of you.
  16. Be kind and helpful regardless
  17. Be positive always.
  18. Do good always.
  19. Be a beautiful character.
  20. Don’t care for others opinions, but this doesn’t give you the right to be horrible.
  21. Remember you can only change yourself not another.
  22. Life changes when you change.
  23. Stop taking it all personally.
  24. Get tougher skin.
  25. Have an aim, goal in life to be a person of good character, wisdom, kindness and wholeness.  Not material stuff.

Read, write, change and meditate you can become whole, but you have to invest in yourself daily.  Being busy is an excuse of those who are too lazy to change or do not want to change.  Your life your hands?


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14 thoughts on “Are you full or Empty?

  1. Love this, Bella. The Anthony Robbins quote really brings it home. Accepting those tough times in our lives as building blocks for our future is one key to joy. Thanks for steering all if us in the right direction.

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