Blogging Tip – Copyright

I am no expert,  but I share with you what I know.  I strongly suggest you do your own research for your country.

I am based in the UK,  therefore I share the rules for the UK, but this link explains or links to copyright in other countries:

Why should you copyright?

You spend a lot of time and energy on your blog post and images.  If you don’t copyright, someone will take it, borrow it, or even say that they created it first.  When you copyright your work, you protect yourself.  The copyright symbol is free to use around the world , I beleive.  It certainly it is free in the UK.

How to get the copyright symbol on wordpress.

It is so easy, but I have noticed that not all bloggers are aware of this.

When you write your blog post in WordPress using the advance editor, you get a tool bar with lots of options.  One of the is the special characters tool – see below.

Copyright symbol in wp

Click on this and you will be taken to


special character in wpand from here you can select the copyright symbol.

It is so easy!

Images: created by myself using screen grab tool and MSPaint.

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