A Mistake, A Failure. Or A Success, A learning opportunity?

A Mistake, A Failure. Or  A Success, A learning opportunity?

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

What is a mistake?

A mistake is a lost learning opportunity. If we learn from the mistake it is no longer a mistake. It has turned into a learning opportunity. It has become experience.

I value all my mistakes,for I would not have learnt what I needed to learn.

But, there are times that I feel I wish I hadn’t made that mistake, and had the sense and foresight.

Life is a balance, sometimes we can see before getting our hands burnt, and sometimes we have to get them burnt to learn the lesson.

Either way what matters is that we have learnt.

What is Success?

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas Edison


A failure or a mistake are only that, when we don’t learn. Or when we give up before learning the lesson, or achieving success.

None of us know how close we are to success. We should be wise to keep trying, but at the same time we must not be foolish!

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30 thoughts on “A Mistake, A Failure. Or A Success, A learning opportunity?

  1. I am living this right now having to push forward through mistakes that are threatening my patience and peace. Lessons learned, keep going, must’nt stop even when all is falling apart around me. I learn and keep on keepin on!!

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      1. It’s like you’re reading my mind because that’s exactly what I did. I eat breakfast went to sleep for a few and then woke up, meditated and feel soooooo much better😉

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  2. I am living this this week by attempting to complete a project that I lost 3 separate times, put in over 6 hrs of work and bam! Tech crash. It’s so true though bc I had no choice but to keep on keepin on my friend!! Learning lessons!!

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    1. Oh that is tough. I have been there and this my learning.

      Save regularly. Give yourself a break and give the computer a break, both shut down for 20 -30 mins in between, both get a rest, and less opportunity for a tech and personal crash.



      1. Thank you, I am currently writing about exactly why I have these issues. I don’t own a laptop and do EVERYTHING from a crappy Android device. Stay tuned for my post. You are so right, rest and detach. That is where I’m at now😊

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      2. Yes it’s been a tough road to hoe lol….with my instability and moving around I had to pawn the last one. Then I just hot used to doing it this way. Now that I write so much more I definitely need to get one!

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      3. Good suggestions, thank you! I do use Google Drive but bc I work in a busy hotel I like to stay away from places like that😉
        My son and I were website surfing today and I think we have a good one picked out for not too much. I haven’t had a working laptop since 2014 🤪

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