Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]

Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? Do we look forward to tomorrow?  Do we get stuck in the past?   Do we regret? Do we fear?  Do we worry?  Do we say, I will do it tomorrow? Do we succumb to procrastination, laziness, fear, carelessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed? With all ofContinue reading “Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]”

Set Yourself Free from Negative Self-talk with Daily Affirmations [YouTube-Podcast]

An affirmation is a statements that is positive, and starts I am… It helps to rewire out thoughts into a more positive state.

Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]

Hello Friends, Those who have been visiting my blog for some time will know I love Affirmation. Affirmations are positive “I am” statements. They are extremely powerful when repeated like lines, several times a day, for twenty-one days or longer. They help us rewire our negative automatic thoughts to ones that are more positive. TheyContinue reading “Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]”

Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou”

I love this poem my “Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise”. The words are so powerful and can be used in many contexts. It is a great pick me up, when we need picking up. I love the entire poem, but I love this the best. Because there are times that people want toContinue reading “Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou””