Reading – A Poem

Insight and Healing I am currently reading Mindsets by Carol S Dweck. I have a good few pages to go. I read slowly as it takes time to digest. This book is causing me a great deal of inner reflection, so I decided to write a poem about some of my inner aha’s. This book talksContinue reading “Reading – A Poem”

Shine My Light

I have written a poem that I hope you find inspiring and uplifting. You can read or listen to the poem, the link and text all below. Let me know how you like it. Shine my Light I live in my lightA gentle fragrancecarriedin the windA rayOf hopeA warm embraceA kindred spiritA lightGuiding my wayContinue reading “Shine My Light”

Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]

Hello Friends, Those who have been visiting my blog for some time will know I love Affirmation. Affirmations are positive “I am” statements. They are extremely powerful when repeated like lines, several times a day, for twenty-one days or longer. They help us rewire our negative automatic thoughts to ones that are more positive. TheyContinue reading “Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]”

Reconnect with Your Values [Podcast /Youtube]

I create another Podcast/Youtube video -sharing my thoughts on Values. I hope these thoughts inspire you. I share some video notes below the video – if you want to refer to them. Let me know what you think of the video and thoughts. It would be lovely if you subscribe to my Youtube channel. MyContinue reading “Reconnect with Your Values [Podcast /Youtube]”