Sacred – A Poem

You can hear me read the poem – click here to listen. A Warm Embrace.. Sacred Sacred is the heart the mindthe Soulspecial and delicate Sacred, Pure and Clean Do not Letthem be tarnished by pain and hurtnew or old Let goLet goLet go Sacred is your heartYour SoulPrecious like Gold Do not Letthem be tarnishedby painContinue reading “Sacred – A Poem”

Shine My Light

I have written a poem that I hope you find inspiring and uplifting. You can read or listen to the poem, the link and text all below. Let me know how you like it. Shine my Light I live in my lightA gentle fragrancecarriedin the windA rayOf hopeA warm embraceA kindred spiritA lightGuiding my wayContinue reading “Shine My Light”

God Whispers to me ..

I sit in meditation In yoga, I the Soul connect to the Supreme Soul A gentle breeze wraps around me Hugs me Caresses me Gentle Caring Lovingly Embracing me with warmth, and coolness Wipes my brows Stokes my shoulders Whispers to me You are cared for You are loved You are support You are protectedContinue reading “God Whispers to me ..”

Maintaining Peace, Positivity, Calmness and Continual Growth with Two Simple Questions!

Two Questions to Ask Yourself before you go to Sleep Each and Every Day These two questions universally apply in any situation where you wish to grow and improve your life. This blog is all about thoughts and how they make us happy or sad. In this blog, I have spoken of the Divine, thatContinue reading “Maintaining Peace, Positivity, Calmness and Continual Growth with Two Simple Questions!”