Ek Tu Hi Bharosa – Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar 1929 – 2022 Lata Mangeshkar sang about 30,000 songs over 7.5 decades. She passed away just a few months ago on Sunday 6th Feb 2022. I thought I would share this song. The one with English translation is below, but it is a cover not sung by Lataji. It is a Prayer thatContinue reading “Ek Tu Hi Bharosa – Lata Mangeshkar”

You are becoming the song of your heart.

My wish to you all; is to become the song of your heart, regardless of the obstacles in life. See them as stepping stones; become the beautiful flower, the beautiful song of your life. Be beautiful. Become the song of your heart. Blossom into you. How beautiful you are. How beautiful you are. Make yourContinue reading “You are becoming the song of your heart.”

I am… a beautiful Divine Song

I meditate to commentaries, silence and songs. Today, I share a beautiful song. I am a Soul, a point of eternal light, immortal, forever good, a child of God the supreme Soul. I am….I am.. I hope you enjoy this song by Bliss, and are able to connect to your goodness, your eternity and theContinue reading “I am… a beautiful Divine Song”

A thought on – What it means to be a Powerful Soul.

Only a powerful soul can offer love. Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble If we are weak, then we become selfish; if we are empty, we take; but if we are filled, we automatically give to all. That is Our Nature. by Dadi Prakashmani. The power expressed in this quote is notContinue reading “A thought on – What it means to be a Powerful Soul.”