Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou”

I love this poem my “Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise”. The words are so powerful and can be used in many contexts. It is a great pick me up, when we need picking up. I love the entire poem, but I love this the best. Because there are times that people want toContinue reading “Weekly Inspiration “Still I Rise – by Maya Angelou””

Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart [YouTube]

I first wrote this blog post in 2016. It is one of my top posts that is read and searched. I have created a YouTube reading of this, should you want to hear it. The original post is below the video. Don’t go to bed with a Heavy Heart.  Give your burdens to the Supreme. Continue reading “Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart [YouTube]”

Thought for Today – Get up

A child falls, after a little cry, they get up and carry on as if they never fell down. As adults, we must not forget to get up when we fall. We need to get up and brush ourselves offCarry onAfter a little cry Perfection doesn’t exist.Failure is not a failureIt is a learningThat allowsContinue reading “Thought for Today – Get up”

Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?

The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me – Glennon Doyle This quote came on my Instagram feed yesterday. It resonated with me, and I almost cried. I can’t say I spent my whole life in this state of thinking. But, I did spendContinue reading “Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 14

Take time to care for yourself and your preciousness. Daily meditation creates a sacred place for you to grow, to find yourself, to find inner peace to heal and reveal the beauty in You the Soul, the Spirit. Fill the light of You the Soul Daily, and life will become so much easier, and youContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 14”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 11

This is my favourite meditation. Flowers radiate their beauty and share their perfume with the world peacefully and elegantly.  They do this not to show the world, look how beautiful I am; they do this just because.  I need to be a flower to create harmony in my life and the world.  My beauty andContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 11”