Happy New Year – Reflecting on 2022 – Plans for 2023

A New Year Wish and Thank You. A reflection on 2022 and Plans for 2023 Quarter 1

MERRY Christmas 🤶 🎄

Dear Friends,  Christmas is almost upon us.  Time with Friends and Family. Wishing you all a merry Christmas 🎅, have a lovely time. Christmas is a time that can be joyous, or we have mixed feelings about it, or it could be a sad time. I want to wish you well, love, health, wealth, happinessContinue reading “MERRY Christmas 🤶 🎄”


Just a little meditation or mantra, to help us when it all feels too much. I created this randomly today, with no real plan to create anything in a video format. I hope you enjoy the words and the video below. BreatheInhaleExhaleBreatheRepeat as many times as needed.Life can be so very hard.So very frustrating.So veryContinue reading “Breathe”