Thought for Today – Be a Tree

A tree is stable and grounded. It sways in the wind or storm. Rustling its song in the gentle breeze. Providing shade in the sun, Shelter in the rain. Fruit of some sort. Elegantly it stands. Graceful letting go of the old making room for new, as the seasons change. A place for nests. AContinue reading “Thought for Today – Be a Tree”

What is your Attitude on life

I read this somewhere and I thought I would share it with you all. This is not my work. This by Charles Swindoll ATTITUDE by Charles Swindoll “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.   Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.   It is more important than theContinue reading “What is your Attitude on life”

Quotes, Quotes and Quotes

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers, It has been a long time since I just shared quotes, quotes and more quotes. Enjoy and comment below which ones you liked, or share your own person favourites. Thank you. About Me  Other Blog posts you might like Self Mastery – The Art of….#1 See No, Hear No, SpeakContinue reading “Quotes, Quotes and Quotes”

Thought For Today -A Prayer for Myself

I pray that I always do good and see good in others. I pray that I live a fair and honest life. I pray I will always be loving and kind. I pray that I can always discern right and wrong. I pray I always have courage to face life,  face my fear, and faceContinue reading “Thought For Today -A Prayer for Myself”

Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca? * Repost *

Another REPOST I wrote this a few years ago. I still think it holds some ground. I hope you enjoy reading it, or re-reading it. Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca? When life hits and shakes you,  is your head/mind like a Maraca, making a noise?  Full of turmoil? Blame? Why, What, How andContinue reading “Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca? * Repost *”

Quieten Your Mind with Meditation

I found this quote on my travels and I think it is worth a share. “Many emotional disorders are characterised by a mind that gets high-jacked, usually from thoughts that they are trying to address or repair.  Meditation allows an individual to simply watch the mind and still the mind allowing it to do whatContinue reading “Quieten Your Mind with Meditation”