MERRY Christmas 🤶 🎄

Dear Friends,  Christmas is almost upon us.  Time with Friends and Family. Wishing you all a merry Christmas 🎅, have a lovely time. Christmas is a time that can be joyous, or we have mixed feelings about it, or it could be a sad time. I want to wish you well, love, health, wealth, happinessContinue reading “MERRY Christmas 🤶 🎄”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 11

This is my favourite meditation. Flowers radiate their beauty and share their perfume with the world peacefully and elegantly.  They do this not to show the world, look how beautiful I am; they do this just because.  I need to be a flower to create harmony in my life and the world.  My beauty andContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 11”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 7

When the world becomes dark and situations become challenging, I can always bring positivity to those situations… Meditation heals, repairs and encourages us to be good.  It makes us strong to be true to ourselves and win over all the negativity in life.   It gives us the strength to face all difficult situations.  ItContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 7”

The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)

Title of Song: Moun ki Bhasa Jo Samajhe In silence, there is happiness. In Silence, God talks to us and fills us with blissful peace and inner strength. We are Souls, points of light, and our home is the world of peace, a land of pure silence. We Souls are eternal, and we have thisContinue reading “The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)”