Daily Intention – Self Discipline

Setting an Intention for the day or even for the week. When we set an intention for the day, we create a positive focus for the day. We have an aim of how we want our mindset to be, where we want our thoughts to be directed and we create a new habit.   Our automatic … Continue reading Daily Intention – Self Discipline

When Life Hits are You a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee?


Beautiful Story by Unknown Author. Are you a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee ? or all three?  You will never look at a Carrot, Egg,or Coffee in the same way. A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how … Continue reading When Life Hits are You a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee?

It is Just an Insult!

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”- the saying goes.   Yet, when we are insulted, words do hurts us. We may be fine initially hearing the insult, and the words are water off a ducks back. But, when we go back to the situation in our mind, we feel, … Continue reading It is Just an Insult!

Life is One Big Habit!

  Life is one big habit. What we repeat become autopilot or a habit. We react often it becomes a habit. We get angry often it becomes a habit. We are always down, and life is just horrible - habit of thinking and feeling. We get irritated - Habit. We are happy, we smile  is … Continue reading Life is One Big Habit!

Believe In Yourself!

When you believe in yourself with your full heart, then success is guaranteed. There is no doubt success will come, it will come in time. It will come in all aspects of your life. For we want to be successful in all parts of  our life , even the mundane chores. Then we are truly … Continue reading Believe In Yourself!

Intelligent – Really!

Intelligent - Really! We all consider ourselves relatively intelligent, relatively clever, smart, and we all have some common sense?  - Right? Then,  if the above holds true for myself and yourself, why do we get stuck ? Why do we get hurt ?  Why do we do negative things, gossip, hold on to what is … Continue reading Intelligent – Really!

It is a New Day – A New Chapter

It is a New Day - A New Chapter Treat each day as New day.  A shiny new toy to be explored. And never to get bored of! A new day , a new chapter, to grow , to explore , to be the best I can be. Let yesterday be yesterday, learn what I … Continue reading It is a New Day – A New Chapter

Quotes, Quotes , Quotes #8

What we think impacts our mood, our life, our goals, our everything.   Feed your mind good thoughts, be inspired and be brilliant.   I hope you enjoy this weeks selection of quotes.  As you can see this my 8th week of quotes, so do make a point of checking out my other post on quotes, as … Continue reading Quotes, Quotes , Quotes #8

New Rules for Living

Approval is a nice to have, but my self worth is NOT dependent on it. I am good enough,   I am worth while, I am strong. I am capable, my strength's lie in different things, that others may not have. Perfection is not required all the time. It is a nice to have but it … Continue reading New Rules for Living

Be Inspired – Quotes #7

Be the change you want to see in the world  - Gandhi.   It all starts with us, us individuals.  Let us be inspired to be the best, to do the best, to make ourselves better and  lead by example, to be future thinking ,  to be an example of the best - and may be … Continue reading Be Inspired – Quotes #7