Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]

Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? Do we look forward to tomorrow?  Do we get stuck in the past?   Do we regret? Do we fear?  Do we worry?  Do we say, I will do it tomorrow? Do we succumb to procrastination, laziness, fear, carelessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed? With all ofContinue reading “Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]”

Daily Intention – Self Discipline

Setting a Daily Intention When we set an intention for the day or even for the week. We create a positive focus for the day. We have an aim of how we want our mindset to be, where we want our thoughts to be directed and we create a new habit.   Our automatic pilot –Continue reading “Daily Intention – Self Discipline”

A rainbow of many colours

Upon this earth we stand, we play, we act, we interact with our fellow human beings, with  nature and the with animal kingdom.  Such diversity exists on our beautiful planet, do we ever stop on a normal day to appreciate its beauty?  Or do we only appreciate the beauty of variety whilst on safari inContinue reading “A rainbow of many colours”

Life is One Big Habit!

Life is one big habit. What we repeat become autopilot or a habit. We react often it becomes a habit. We get angry often it becomes a habit. We overthinking- habit We get upset easily – habit We are always down, and life is just horrible – habit of thinking and feeling. We get irritatedContinue reading “Life is One Big Habit!”

Quotes on living

What we think impacts our mood, our life, our goals, our everything.   Feed your mind good thoughts, be inspired and be brilliant.   As a quote lover, here are a few quotes for today, to motivate, inspire, drive and encourage us to be more. Quote1 Don’t be defeated by life. Get up, work hard, quietly makeContinue reading “Quotes on living”

The Power of Good Wishes. * repost *

The Power of Good Wishes.    When we give a birthday present or card we wish the person a beautiful day and wonderful year, and happiness always.   We wish others well for a new job, exams,  a new endeavor, or even an operation or something difficult.  Because it is a kind and compassionate gesture.  It isContinue reading “The Power of Good Wishes. * repost *”