Frozen Rose — A Poem

Crushed Into A Thousand Pieces Lost Forever. A blaze with imagery and words,keeping me awake at night,too sleepy to note them down,vivid they are, they’ll keep for the morrow. I Awakefrom a blissful sleep,renewed and refreshed.A brand new day.No recollection of yestereve. A memory slowly,emerges,to a realisation,hands across my eyes,Oh, I sigh. The memory isContinue reading “Frozen Rose — A Poem”

My Goals and Vision for 2023

Two weeks ago, I wrote about preparing to come back to blogging today, 8th February 2023. One of the biggest Goals I have for my Blog is I want to produce much better quality blog posts. So today, Going to share with you my Goals and Vision for 2023 for my Blog, Newsletter and YouTubeContinue reading “My Goals and Vision for 2023”

Goal Setting Booklet For 2023

Hi Friends, It is that time of year when many of us think about Reviewing our year and setting new Goals. Since Christmas, I have been reviewing my year and goals and dreaming of what I want 2023 to look like. I have drawn many conclusions about myself and what I need to change personallyContinue reading “Goal Setting Booklet For 2023”

New Year Planning: Reflecting on 2022

I love to reflect on the year and see how much I have grown and changed. Also, it is an excellent time to reflect on life and things that didn’t go well. Even when things don’t go well, there is always something to learn. Even if the year has been tough, it is good toContinue reading “New Year Planning: Reflecting on 2022”