Stay at HOME and create Space!

Global health services are suffering because we don’t stay at home.

If we stay at home, the health services can cope. They are putting their lives at risk, they are tired, they are human too.

It is selfish to carry on enjoying you life, Stay at home.


For Yourself, for your family, for the doctors, for the nurses, for the key workers, for the government or all of the world. Stop flying! Stop traveling. Stop spreading this! Keep two meters distance. Stop living your normal life. Stop visiting people! Stop it.

Create the space for the health service, the government, the scientist and the World Health Organisation to find a vaccine in record time. A vaccine that has to be created for the entire population of the world that keep changing… See this link and see what the world population is.

If a hospital is over capacity

When someone gets covid-19 and the hospital is over capacity what is their chance to live/ survive?, What is your chance to live/survive?

And think, if someone gets a stroke or a heart attack the hospital is full, they don’t have capacity.

People are dying needlessly because we don’t stay at home.

Someone wrote on facebook, if someone gets covid-19 in your home, they will be taken by ambulance, you will not be allowed to follow, you will not be allowed to visit, you can only attend the cremation. Because the hospital don’t have capacity. For everyone covid-19 patient there are not enough doctors and nurses to serve them or equipment. This is a global issue, and each country is struggling, because we the public can’t take this seriously, and we can see what is going on.

This is serious.

It is greed, it is selfishness, not to stay at home.

We put unnecessary pressure on health services, government, pharmacy, groceries, all key services.

If we stay at home the doctors and nurses get a break. The government get a break. They can focus on getting a vaccine, and finding an alternative combination of drugs to treat existing patients of covid-19. People can recover from this, but they don’t stand a chance when the hospitals are over capacitated.

It seems each country is faced with the same issue. The public don’t listen. But, then we blame our government or health service for not doing it right. Well, we the public ain’t doing it right either.

We are being selfish. We are destroying our future. If we stay home, all countries of the world can get a grip on this. A vaccine can be found. And we limit the time we live in GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECESSION!

What we do today impact our tomorrow.

Stay at home to have a future for the entire world.

Go outside needlessly then you are responsible for deaths, and a global recession that will take years to come out of. Yes, we have a recession, but we can limit the time that we are in it.

And, I ask you to think about your food choices. All these disease are borne the consumption of animals, insects, wet markets!

No man is an island. Covid-19 proves this. Why, do you behave that you are invincible ! Why do you go out! Why are putting a burden on your health service, your government, the world.

This covid-19 spreads because we don’t stop moving.

Life is giving a lesson here – learn it!

You are not invincible, nor are the doctors, nurses or your government. If any of them die serving you, that can’t stay at home, what will you do!

I ask to you to be positive, send a prayer to yourself, your family, to the world, to the Dr Nurses, Key workers, the pharmacy, the supermarket to the Governments, to the World Health Organisation, to those creating a vaccine, to those who are being human guinea pigs to trial the vaccine. A prayer to all that are keeping us safe and risking their lives, and putting their energy into the greater good. Say the pray 3 times a day.

And stay at home. Give up your life just a bit, for the safety of the globe, the world. Because, if you don’t we have nothing left!

I STRONGLY believe that we can win over this. With being positive, with prayer, with sending good vibrations to all, and by STAYING at HOME. When we stay at home, we give those people a chance to create a vaccine, find alternative drug combinations to heal those who have it. By staying at home we don’t create new cases. We create time. We need time. Our government, or key workers, or supply chain they all need time. And if we behave they get space and time. We save the world by staying at home.

Be kind

Be compassionate

Be selfless

Stay at home

Stay at home

Stay at home.

What we do today impacts our tomorrow. And in this case impact the whole world. No man is an island.

Watch this video of Hospital in Italy! This is happening globally. If all hospital are full, new covid-19 patients or a patient with another illness will DIE !

Because we fail to stay at home.! I deliberately end this post with this video so we all get the message.

Our selfishness of not staying at home!

I live in the UK, I know our NHS doesn’t have such good facilities as this italian hospital. If you live in country where your health service is weak or has been underfunded for years, just think ! Think if you had to work in this condition what your state would be.


This post is not created to create fear. But, to wake us up and change and make a better future. What we do today, impacts tomorrow. Do right today, pray, be positive, stay at home then our future is bright.

Thank you for popping by. I make no apology for the starkness of this post. Do comment below, share, like or subscribe.

I generally share positive posts, on meditation, on how our thinking impacts our life. But, I guess our thinking is impacting our life right now, or our lack of thinking?


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9 thoughts on “Stay at HOME and create Space!

      1. Modi is really good. India doesn’t have many cases. Modi has acted faster than we have in UK. We haven’t even banned any flights. We have done too little and done it late. But fingers crossed for the whole world


      2. Yes he is really good though few cases are coming up everyday. Ya UK is right now not under quarantine at all. Hope all goes well and nothing happens over there. God bless to one and all, Bella. We need to pray for our entire World and that all will pass soon and everything will be normal as before.

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