Just Be Quiet and Listen

In our need to help loved ones who are not well. We give advice, love and support. We feel we are being helpful.

But sometimes it isn’t helpful. Because they know what to do, and are trying, but it isn’t working.

Sometimes what we think is concern and loving and being nice is in fact painful and hurtful to the other.

We need just listen, love, not speak, and give space. As advice can cause tension and make the others health worse. So remind yourself to just be quiet and listen. The other is wise and mature, they know what to do and are making their best effort.


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12 thoughts on “Just Be Quiet and Listen

    1. Thank you for your wise words.

      I think to ask is good, but sometimes they don’t know themselves,or don’t want to discuss. The side to this is, you know them well aka your family members, but even then we don’t know the pain another feels within their body.

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