When Money Is no concern?

When money is no concern, how would you live? What would your motivation be to get up in the morning? What would you life’s purpose be?

If you suffer from laziness and procrastination now; can you see yourself suddenly becoming dynamically motivated when money is not a concern? Or will your current habits get in the way? Will they lead you down a road that brings you down rather than taking you up?

We all suffer from the grass is greener syndrome. As well as the when I have enough money syndrome. Don’t you think that our current bad habits will get in our own way when money isn’t a problem. Sure will enjoy life to the maximum. But even too much enjoyment can be boring.

Money makes the world go round and so much easier. But would you miss something ?

What are your thoughts? Do comment below. I have created this post just trigger your comments and thoughts.


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21 thoughts on “When Money Is no concern?

  1. They say money is the root cause of every evil. In order to survive and to live in this world we do require money but not with selfish motive at others cost. We need to enjoy what our God has given us and be at peace instead of wanting and wanting. Nice post, Bella.

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