The Hill we Climb – Amanda Gorman

The poem at Joe Biden’s inauguration 20th Jan 2021.

I just had to share the video and the words, to all the poets of All can be found on Google.


The words…

The Hill We Climb: the Amanda Gorman poem that stole the inauguration show | Biden inauguration |

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  1. A wise and truthful call to live with love and be lead by our humanity by someone so young in years❣️

    A call to return to mutual respect and commitment to what is good not self-serving.

    Thanks for sharing Bella ❤️

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  2. Amanda’s poem and delivery were electric during yesterday’s inauguration and added to the many magic moments of the day. I watched it live and was deeply moved, especially after learning she was only half-way through writing it when 6th January happened. Her response to those events helped shape the final lines and made it extra poignant and powerful. Thank you for sharing it here too Bella! 💜 xxx

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