About me and my vision for this blog

I started this blog on  7th March 2016  Based in the United Kingdom.

A simple blog, created to inspire and motivate myself and anyone else who might be aligned to what is being shared here.  I have a taken much benefit  from self-development from a personal, professional, and spiritual standpoint.  And that is what I want to share here, in terms of  what I have learnt, or whatever it is I am currently contemplating or practising.

I have a passion for meditation, self-improvement, inner peace, and always trying to find positive ways to be happy in difficult situations. But, not just in difficult situation, balance and harmony are needed in our day to day life.  One moment we are happy and another we are flat on the floor.  I believe our thoughts and feelings really impact our life, there could be nothing difficult in our life at present, yet we are so unhappy.  Why is that?

I also have a need for orderliness in the home and life, though I may not always live up to it.   I believe orderliness impacts our happiness too.

Finally, I love quotes,  and inspiring stories so you will find a few those shared on this blog too.

This blog is an expression of the above, to help me on my growth journey and hopefully, it will inspire you.

Some of the thoughts shared here are from my readings, personal experiences,  and are inspired by the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation.

I have been a meditator of Raja Yoga since the tender ages of 10 years old when my mother took me in the summer holidays.  Actually,  I turned 11 at the same time.  I have been meditating on and off for 30+ years.  However, it is only the last 15 -20 years where I have got into gear.  Frankly, when you learn something so young, you don’t appreciate it, it is only when life throws the ugly stuff at you that you realise.  I am not cool, calm or collected all of the time,  I do fall apart but I can get myself back and meditation helps.


My deepest feelings about life

I believe that the thoughts we generate impact our life greatly.  If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them,  catch our negative cycles of thinking, we can then change our life and our impact on the world.  A thought is the seed of an action/deed, if we can stop the wrong seeds from being sown, we can live happily and have the courage to always do the right thing.  If we learn to realign thoughts once we have been hurt to something more positive, we grow stronger, more capable and we become stable with quiet confidence we can handle anything.  Additionally, we set a new habit of always being honest, truthful, clear, sincere and humble in a very gently assertive way.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this about page.  Please comment freely, would love to hear your thoughts on posts posted here.  And of course, would love if you subscribe to this blog and travel with me along my/our self-development journey.


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