Let’s be Inspired by Thoughts

We have a  perpetual calendar  (Wisdom for the day – Timeless calendar) created by the Brahma Kumaris , that gives a thought for today.  I would like to share a few.     I was touched by today’s thought deeply.

2 July

If I’ve done nothing wrong, and my attitude is well -meaning, a difficult situation is just a test for my ability to remain beyond the judgement of others.


1 July

Calmness and tolerance act like air conditioning in a hot room and increase everyone’s efficiency.


24 June

As I learn to rule my own thoughts with patience and kindness, they better serve my aims.


15 June

Honesty is only possible when we check our conscience and remain true to our highest values.


10 May

By Living simply and only using what I really need, all my needs will eventually be fulfilled.


I hope you have enjoyed these simple but deep thoughts.  Please comment, like, share, or subscribe to my blog.  Thanking you in advance.






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