Thought for Day – Prepare for Some Day

We go to school and college, preparing for some day. We go to university preparing for some day. Whilst at school we may not know what we are preparing for. By the time we get to college or university we might have a clue of what it is we want to do in life, or we might not. Nevertheless we prepare for something. Then, we land a job, we work, and we get comfortable.

Today, I find myself questioning the comfort zone of life, and thinking to myself, should I be preparing again? Should I be preparing for some day? Life has shown me that it keeps changing, and at times life forces me to change. Therefore, I take this quote as a hint for myself to prepare for something for some day.

I hope it inspires you to prepare for something, for some day.

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

Abraham Lincoln

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29 thoughts on “Thought for Day – Prepare for Some Day

    1. True will live in the present. But the preparation we do today makes a better tomorrow and I have seen that in my life. We have do some planning in life for tomorrow, whilst living full today. That’s my humble opinion.


      1. It could be anything. Like preparing for a career change, or preparing to save money. Or something that you can foresee that you may need in the future, but isn’t a reality today.

        For example, I heard a story that Nelson Mandela ran 4 hours a day in his cell, because thought one day he will be freed and would become the first black president.

        I hope that makes sense.

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      2. thanks heaps, light bulb went on … such things are automatic for me, hence I was missing your point sorry!
        Those steps towards our goals are indeed essential πŸ™‚

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