Don’t get too comfortable, it might be dangerous for you!

How Comfortable are You?

Life happens slowly and steadily. Sometimes in that slow steady state of life, we get comfortable. We don’t even noticed in our comfort that we are missing out on opportunities. That we are becoming stagnant. Instead of growing we fall into deterioration.

In his book Follow Your Heart, Andrew Matthews speaks of the law of deterioration and illustrates this through a fun story about a Frog and a Bucket of Water. This will make you laugh and rethink how comfortable you should be!! Enjoy…..


If you take an intelligent, happy frog and drop him into a bucket of boiling water, what will the Frog do?  Jump Out! Instantly,  the frog decides  “This is no fun – I’m gone!”.

If you take the same frog, or a relative, and drop him into a bucket of cold water, put the bucket on the stove and gradually heat up the bucket, what then.   The frog’s relaxing .. a few minutes later he says to himself: “It Seems warm in here .”  Soon enough, you have a cooked frog.

The moral of the story?   Life happens gradually.  Like the frog, we can be fooled, and suddenly it’s to late.  We need to be aware what is happening.

Andrew Matthews – from the Book Follow Your Heart


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8 thoughts on “Don’t get too comfortable, it might be dangerous for you!

  1. Hi Bella, love this story about the frog getting complacent and comfortable and love the book too. I read it years ago but might have to go back and revisit it. Thanks for the reminder. xx

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