Between Heather and Grass. By Xenia Tran

I was kindly gifted Xenia Tran‘s new book ” Between Heather and Grass” just before Christmas.

Xenia is one of my first blogging friends, her blog is called Whippet Wisdom – click here to visit her beautiful blog.

30% of the sales from Between Heather and Grass sales will be donated to “Children with Cancer UK”.

This is Xenia’s second book. Her first book is called “Share our Horizons“, this book also donates a percentage to a charity, I brought her first book on Kindle, and it is a lovely book. Both books are available on Amazon.

I was really touched when Xenia reached out to me to gift me her second book. She had dedicated a poem When the Mist Rises – for one my blog post (where I shared quite a personal story – I have since made this post draft, as it made me cry to much to have it out there in public view.) She also dedicated a blog post towards my story. Xenia has touched my heart on many levels and her sheer heartfelt kindness. I have tears of thanks running down my cheeks whilst writing this. Thank you Xenia for being such a beautiful human being.

I am not pet person. But, through Xenia’s blog and her beautiful photos and her poetry, I must say I fell in love with Whippets, well I just love Xenia’s blog.

I am still not a pet person, but Xenia’s photo’s and words just make you fall in love with her beautiful adopted Eivor and Pearl whippets. I mean, just look at this photo below — awwww!

Xenia, writes many forms of poetry, like; haiku, haibun and tanka. In her book she has a chapter explaining these forms of writing. For some one like me who isn’t a qualified writer, this chapter was so interesting in terms of understanding creative writing further, and the history of these forms.

I also learnt more about Xenia, in her about the Author, and I must say she is a very impressive intellectual and she can really put her hand to anything. She only took photography to put a photo around her words. I am quite humbled by all her qualifications and humbled to be her blogging friend.

I do recommend you visit Xenia at her Blog –   here

Or You may want to visit amazon to look at her books – they could make a good gift for pet lovers

Her first book is called “Share our Horizons

Her Second Book is called : Between Heather and Grass

Thank you again Xenia for such a special gift, I treasure your kindness in this gift. There are no words to really say THANK YOU.

I am not a book reviewer, this just my honest way of saying thank you to Xenia.

Thank you for popping by..



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4 thoughts on “Between Heather and Grass. By Xenia Tran

  1. What a lovely and very heartfelt post. I agree that Xenia has a wonderful talent and her pictures are always stunning. I wasn’t aware of her books though so thank you for writing this.

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  2. Thank you so much for this lovely heartfelt post dear Bella! I’m so happy Between Heather and Grass has found a loving home with you. ‘When the Mist Rises’ was written for you and it fits beautifully in this collection. Another fellow blogger, Amy, recently quoted the poem in one of her blog posts too: It is lovely to see how it speaks to different people in different ways and this is what I love so much about poetry. Thank you for this beautiful post Bella, sending a big hug your way xxx

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